A stylish file manager



Create, edit, copy, move, download your files easily, everywhere, every time, use File Manager as your personal cloud.


Search through your files and find the one instantly. Filter by type, by extension.


You can have multiple users, each one with their own folder, permissions and access roles.


Available in multiple languages! It's not available in yours? You can contribute and translate it yourself for the community.


You can execute commands such as git, svn or hg on the web interface. They are configured by you so you can run whatever you want.

Static Binary

File Manager is a single executable file with no dependencies. You just need to download it and add it to your PATH.


File Manager is available as a plugin for Caddy, which is the HTTP/2 web server with automatic HTTPS.


File Manager can be easily installed using Docker with docker pull hacdias/filemanager.

Static Generators

File Manager plays well with some static website generators, such as Jekyll and Hugo.